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To see available community resources please click on the area of interest below

• Operation Transformation Rochester
Services Available: Helping African-American males between 18-30 years old, who have dropped out of school to transition into a successful career with assistance finding a job within a 6-24 month period including GED preparation depending on individual in barbering, chef, security guard, and pharmacy tech to name a few.

Contact Information: Call Tracey Miller at 585 428-6684.

• Literacy Volunteers of Rochester (LVR)
Services Available: A Literacy Navigator helps clients with paperwork, health forms, school forms, job & housing applications, understanding bills, and finding community resources.

Contact Information: Literacy Navigators are available on Mondays from 12pm- 3pm at the Arnett Branch Libray, 310 Arnett Boulevard, Rochester, NY 14619. Call 585-473-3030 or

• The Child Care Council
Services Available: How to find, choose, and pay for quality child care, and also offers training and assistance to those who want to become NYS Licensed child care providers.

Contact Information: 585-654-4720 or

• Micrecyle
Services Available: A refurbished computer for as little as $35 and loaded with MS Word, MS Excel, and MS Powerpoint (no computer classes but next to ABC that offers them).

Contact Information: 585-224-4040 

Computer Classes - Open Computer Lab

• Central Library
Services Available: Help with resume setup, creating email accounts, help getting to online job applications, and getting unstuck when needed, help with attaching resumes to applications, and help with filing for unemployment
Contact Information: 115 South Avenue, 1st floor of Bausch & Lomb, call 585-428-8020 to verify if computer lab is open any particular day. Mon-Wed and Friday 10am-12pm, Thursday 11am-1pm 585-428-7300.

• Action for a Better Community (ABC)
Contact Information: Call 585-442-4160 or

• Baden Street Settlement of Rochester
Services Available: State of the art computer lab open to the community called ATTAIN Lab.

Contact Information: Call 585-325-4910 or

• NYS Division of Consumer Protection
Services Available: File a complaint, victim of identity theft, and to register for National "Do not call" Registry and information to avoid scams.

Contact Information: 1-800-697-1220 Bilingual service- English/Spanish 8:30am-4:30pm or 24/7

Once a year every person is entitled to receive a free copy of their credit report and can request it by contacting 1-877-322-8228 or This is the official site for the free annual credit.

• Equifax
Contact Information: www.equifax.com1-800-525-6285

• Experian
Contact Information: www.experian.com1-888-397-3742

• TransUnion
Contact Information: www.transunion.com1-800-680-7289

• Greece Central School District
Services Available: GED, ESOL (English as a Second Language), and community classes.

Contact Information:

• Monroe Boces #2
Contact Information:

• The Rochester Educational Opportunity Center (REOC)
Contact Information: 161 Chestnut St, call 585-232-2730 ext 235 or,

• Adult Career and Continuing Education Services -ACCES- (formerly known as The Office of Vocational and Educational Services for Individuals with Disabilities- VESID)
Services Available: Provide eligible clients with disabilities with services- vocational rehabilitation and adult education (inc GED), to prepare for suitable jobs.
Contact Information: 585-238-2900 or

• Native American Cultural Center, Inc (NACC)- WIA Work Force Investment call 585-542-1100 or

• Judicial Process Commission (JPC)
Contact Information: 1921 Norton Street, Rochester, NY 14609 (Inside Waring Baptist Church, at the corner of Norton St. and Waring Rd.) Take RTS Bus #6/6X Clifford Schedules to this location. Take RTS Bus #10/10X Portland here is a stop at Norton St. & Strathmore Circle (very close to Waring Rd.)

• Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO)
Services Available: ONLY works with individuals currently on NYS Parole and do not have a charge (current or past) of sex offense or arson nature. Must be referred by their Parole Officer; the PO's are very familiar with the program and referral process. The program begins with 4 days of Life Skills Education classes which will discuss employment objectives, how to speak to an employer about your conviction, writing resumes, 30 second pitch/interviewing, etc. Upon graduation, the parolee will begin working with a Job Coach in office once a week. The other 4 days of the week, the parolee will work for CEO at minimum wage. The work is supervised by a CEO Site Supervisor. The parolees are transported to the work sites and perform duties such as groundskeeping and building maintenance. Once the parolee is deemed "Job Search Ready," they will begin working with a Job Developer instead of the Job Coach, who will assist the customer with getting placed into non-subsidized employment in the community. Once placed, the parolee will receive retention services by a Retention Specialist. They will be followed for 1 year post-placement and receive monetary incentives for staying employed each month.

Contact Information: Call 585-957-9858 or

• Career Start
Services Available: Employment agency provides employers and individuals with services free of charge.

Contact Information: Call 585-360-2620 or

• New York State Federal Bonding Program
Services Available: A tool to help "high risk" job applicant get and keep a job by a client being backed by Fidelity Bonds to minimize risk to the business sponsored by NYS Department of Labor.
Contact Information:

• Legal Action Center (LAC) in NY City
Services Available: Information regarding Record of Arrest and Prosecution (R.A.P.) Sheet and for increasing number and quality of job opportunities for people with prison records.

Contact Information:

• National Helping Individuals with criminal records Re-enter through Employment (H.I.R.E.) Network
Services Available: A national clearinghouse for information and an advocate for policy change, and offers online newsletter.

Contact Information:

• 2-1-1
Services Available: 24/7 Call 2-1-1 for local food pantries , soup kitchens and community services in general

Contact Information: For other services 1-877-356-9211, also www.hungersolutionsny.orgor www.foodhelpny.orgor call Sue Segelman 585-295-5624 or Pam Johnson 585-295-5626

• Baden Street Settlement of Rochester
Services Available: Emergency & Family Assistance

Contact Information: Call 585-325-4910 or

• MCLAC Nutrition Outreach & Education
Services Available: Apply or prescreen for services

Contact Information: Phone 585-295-5624,

• Monroe County Department of Human Services
Services Available: Apply or prescreen for services

Contact Information: 585-753-6960 or to

• WIC (Women, Infants, and Children)
Services Available: Food program for pregnant and nursing women and their children,

Contact Information: 24/7 Growing Up Healthy Hotline 1-800-522-5006 or

• Native American Cultural Center, Inc (NACC)
Services Available: Emergency food program
Contact Information: 585-542-1100 or

• Familywize partnered with the United Way
Services Available: Bilingual service- English/Spanish, it is not insurance, the discount card is good through 12/31/2020.

Contact Information: Call 1-866-810-3784 or

• Rochester Brainery
Contact Information: 585-730-7034 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

• Unity Health System Online
Services Available: Free or sliding scale for health services including dental, mental health and drug and alcohol abuse or obtaining primary care physician or specialist.

Contact Information: Call 585-368-3000 or visit

• St Joseph's Neighborhood Center
Services Available: Comprehensive health care, counseling, adult education, and social work for individuals and families who lack access to health care.

Contact Information: Call 585-325-5260 or

• Anthony L Jordan Health
Services Available: Provides various including medical, dental and adolescent health Bilingual service-English/Spanish.

Contact Information: There are 3 locations: Anthony L Jordan Health Center, 82 Holland St, 585-423-5800, Woodward Health Center, 480 Genesee St, 585-436-3040, and Brown Square Health Center,322 Lake Ave, 585-254-6480.

• Rochester General Health System
Services Available: Recognized for heart, cancer, surgery, senior and women's services,

Contact Information: There are 3 locations: Clinton Family Health Center on Upper Falls 585-922-0235, Northeast Health Service on the Rochester General Hospital Campus 922-4931; and Genesee Health Service, 220/222 Alexander St, 922-6797 which has the Diabetic Resource and Allergy/Immunology Centers.

• NY Bridge Plan
Services Available: Information on NY's Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan administered by GHI, an EmblemHealth Company.

Contact Information: Call 1-877-444-9622 or For Medicaid/ Child Health Plus/Family Health Plus call 585-6137662 or Excellus Blue Cross/Blue Shield at 1-800-716-4885 or or Fidelis Care call 1-888-343-3517 or www.fideliscare.orgfor healthcare, medicare, and long term care.

Services Available: Provides grants for heating emergencies for clients not eligible for government assistance like Temporary Assistance or Food stamps.

Contact Information: Call 585-241-4474 or TTY 585-241-4464,

Services Available: Helps income eligible clients not on Temporary Assistance or Food Stamps with energy bills, furnace repairs, and replacements

Contact Information: For clients under 60, call 585-753-6477 or for clients over 60, call Lifespan 585-244-8400 x102 or www.lifespan-roch.orgTo see if you are eligible to receive more than 1 grant/season call NYS Hotline 800-342-3009.

• The Heading Home ESG Program
Services Available: Helps people stay at current home or find permanent residence

Contact Information: The Housing Council 585-546-3700 or

  • • The Housing Council
    Services Available: Apartment listings, information on renter's rights and responsibilities

    Contact Information: 585-546-3700 or, or visit in person at 75 College Avenue

    • The Housing Council
    Services Available: Provides required counseling for homeowners over 62 interested in this program.

    Contact Information: 585-546-3700 or, or Consumer Credit Counseling Service 585-546-3440 or

    • The Housing Council
    Services Available: Free counseling to prevent foreclosure or those in foreclosure process.

    Contact Information: 585-546-3700 option 1 or,

    Catholic Family Center

    Services Available: Provides resettlement services for refugees. Saint's Place, contact Colleen Knauf at 585-385-6860 Main focus is helping refugees from war-torn countries get a new start in the United States i.e. collect donated furniture, appliances, household goods, linens, and clothingand set up a family's home prior to their arrival with all the basics including toys and school supplies for the children.

    Contact Information: 585 546-7220 or  

    • Home Store (Urban League)
    Services Available: Helps make homeownership accessible for low to moderate-income families.

    Contact Information: 585-325-6530 ext. 3078 or

    • Empire Justice Center

    Services Available: Legal Assistance

    Contact Information:585-454-4060 or

    • First Time Home Buyer Club
    Services Available: For every dollar a client deposits in the participating banking account, a banking institution will match up to $4 (can save as much as $7,500) towards purchase of a home.

    Contact Information: Home Store (Urban League) 585-325-6530 or, NeighborWorks 585-325-4170 or , Consumer Credit Counseling Service 585-546-3440 or www.cccsofrochester.organd for people with disabilities call Regional Center for Independent Living 585-442-6470 or

    • Action for a Better Community
    Services Available: Insulation, replacement windows, or heating systems repairs and some services are free for income eligible homeowners in the the city.

    Contact Information: City residents contact 585-442-4160 or and suburban residents contact Pathstone 585-442-2030 ext. 201 or 202 or

    • New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA)
    Services Available: Improve and lower energy costs

    Contact Information: For incentives call 585-2623-2870 or visit

    • NeighborWorks
    Services Available: Low-interest repair loans and grants for repairing and improving the home. Also, lead paint inspection and energy audits are available services.

    Contact Information: 585-325-4170 or

    • NYS Tax Department
    Services Available: Contact if taxes affected by identity theft.

    Contact Information:

    • NYS Division of Consumer Protection
    Contact Information:

    • IRS
    Services Available: Contact the IRS if taxes affected by identity theft.

    Contact Information: 800-908-4490 and fill out the IRS Identity Theft Affidavit, Form 14039 see the IRS Taxpayer Guide to Identity Theft

    • Federal Trade Commission
    Contact Information:

    • Regional Center for Independent Living
    Services Available: Providing referrals, work incentives and benefits advisement, information and advice to persons with disabilities with how work affects SSI, SSD, Medicaid, and Medicare Benefits

    Contact Information: Resource Room, 497 State Street, Rochester, NY 14610 (corner of Jay St) Call 585-442-6470 or

    • The Medicaid Buy-In for Working People with Disabilities (MBI-WPD)
    Services Available: Provide information about MBI-WPD so an individual can decide if their situation meets the guidelines for enrolling in it to see if they can continue working or return to work without fear of losing their essential health care coverage through Medicaid.

    Contact Information: Online Guide- call 1-888-224-3272 the Work Incentives Hotline or

    • Job Accommodation Network (JAN)
    Services Available: Providing accommodation information that can be used in the hiring, training, retention, and career advancement of people with disabilities including information about the Americans with Disabilities Act and other disability-related employment legislation

    Contact Information: Funded by the Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP) of U.S. Department of Labor call 1-800-526-7234 voice/TTY or
    Or visit the Searchable Online Accommodation Resource (SOAR) at

    • Office of Disability Employment Policy
    Services Available: Provides national leadership by developing and influencing disability employment-related policies and practices affecting an increase in the employment of people with disabilities.

    Contact Information: Office of Disability Employment Policy U.S. Department of Labor 200 Constitution Ave., NW Washington DC 20210. General questions should be directed to Office of Disability Employment Policy Voice 1-866-ODEP-DOL (633-7365) or

    • New York State Division of Human Rights
    Services Available: Conduct investigations of allegations of unlawful discrimination.

    Contact Information: One Monroe Square, 259 Monroe Ave, Suite 308, Rochester, NY 14607, call 585-238-8250 
    • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) through U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division
    Services Available: Information and Technical Assistance about ADA

    Contact Information: ADA Information Line 800-514-0301(voice) 800-514-0383(TTY) or

    • U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
    Services Available: It is responsible for enforcing federal laws to make sure people are not discriminated based on race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy), national origin, age (40 or older), disabilities, or someone who has complained about discrimination, filed a charge of discrimination or participated in an employer discrimination investigation.

    Contact Information: 1-800-669-4000 or

    • ExperienceWorks
    Contact Information: 585-277-0814 or www.experienceworks.orgfor clients 55 or older.

    • Baden Street Settlement of Rochester
    Services Available: Emergency & family Assistance, Medicaid Service Coordination.

    Contact Information: 585-325-4910 or

    • Lifespan's Health Insurance Information Counseling & Assistance Program
    Contact Information: 585-244-8400 ext 113 

    • Cancer Services Program of Monroe County
    Services Available: covers the cost of cancer screening for UNINSURED Men (50 years +) and Women (40 years+) for Colon/Colorectal cancer screenings (At-home F.I.T. tests and/or colonoscopies) and Breast and cervical cancer screening (Mammograms,Clinical Breast exams, Pelvic exams and pap tests). Contact Information: 585-224-3070 or

    • ABCPNG
    Contact Information: John Adams- Meet Mondays at 5:30pm at First Unitarian Church, 220 South Winton Road South

    • The August Group
    Contact Information: Tracey Aiello- www.augustgroup.orgcheck site for meeting dates/times

    • By Faith Employment
    Contact Information: to be determined.

    • Digital Rochester
    Contact Information: www.digitalrochester.comcheck for monthly meetings

    • FreeNet
    Contact Information: Meet two Tuesdays/month,

    • Latinas Unidas
    Contact Information: www.latinasunidas.orgSupporting Latina Women in Rochester

    • New Horizons
    Contact Information: Pete Chatfield, Tuesdays 8am at Episcopal Church of the Incarnation, 1957 Five Mile Line Rd, Penfield, NY,

    • QUEST Rochester's HR Network LinkedIn group
    Contact Information: Meets at Nazareth College,

    • Rochester Professional Consultant's Network
    Contact Information: Meetings announced

    • Rochester Women's Network
    Contact Information: Meetings announced

    • Rochester Young Professionals
    Contact Information: Meetings announced,

    • Rochester Unemployed Networking Group
    Contact Information: E-group

    • True Networking Thursdays (African American Networking Group)
    Contact Information: Networking events announced

    • 3-1-1
    Services Available: 24/7 call for non-emergency police incidents "One Call to City Hall" i.e. someone snowplows sidewalk and damages your fence.

    Contact Information: Dial 3-1-1

    • NYS Public Service Commission
    Services Available: For income eligible consumers who want to save money, Bilingual service- English/Spanish
    Contact Information: Call 1-888-275-7721 or

    • New York State Department of Labor
    Services Available: 2 departments -Wage Protection Division of Labor Standards 585-258-4550 or 1-888-467-9365  8am-5pm. The Bureau of Immigrant Workers Rights - protecting wages of immigrant especially farm workers 1-877-466-9757, Jennifer Karr, Agriculture Labor Specialist speaks English/Spanish, 585-258-8815 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    • Support Services for Runaway and Homeless Youth-Basic Centers
    Services Available: Provides emergency shelter to runaway, homeless youth/live in a shelter, or are thinking about running away from home, must be less than 22 years of age.

    Contact Information:

    • Ibero-American Action League
    Services Available: Provides to Latino community and others- family services(senior center,, children and youth services, and developmental disabilities services, and development corporation services. Ibero American Development Corporation- Home ownership program, First Time Home Buyers Education Program in Spanish, housing development for special needs populations, facilities development, property management, and El Camino Estates.

    Contact Information: 585-256-8900 or

    • Mi Próximo Paso
    • Services Available: Developed and maintained by the National Center for O*NET Development. It enables Spanish speaking career explorers and job seekers to search over 900 different careers and see important information including skills, tasks, technologies, salaries, and employment outlook. Find careers through a keyword search; by browsing industries; or through the web-based O*NET Interest Profiler ¡Visite Mi Próximo Paso hoy!
    • Contact Information:  
    • • Catholic Family Center
    • Services Available: There is one Spanish speaking counselor Lizwho helps provide short term immediate service solution-focused counseling that is free of charge with no wait list and provides intensive case management and/or counseling. Spanish speaking clients can be referred there or they can walk in.
    • Contact Information: , at 30 Hart Street, entrance #5,

    • Accountemps
    Contact Information: 585-232-6055 or

    • Adecco
    Contact Information: 585-546-1660 or

    • Aerotek
    Contact Information: 585-350-2700 or

    • AP Professionals
    Contact Information: 585-381-7350 or

    • Ajilon Consulting
    Contact Information: 585-760-2210 or

    • Apa Employment Agency Inc
    Contact Information: 585-442-2859 or

    • Bailey Personnel Consultants Inc
    Contact Information: 585-473-9610 or

    • Burns Personnel Inc
    Contact Information: 585-385-6300 or

    • Core Consulting and Staffing
    Contact Information: 585-232-4880 or

    • E T S
    Contact Information: Call 585-424-5540 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    specializing in office work and light industrial, need to schedule office work interviews by appt.

    • Employee Relations Associates
    Contact Information: (585) 381-0810 or

    • Kelly Services
    Contact Information: 585-461-1640 or

    • Labor Ready
    Contact Information: 585-254-1360 or

    , come on Tuesday and Thursdays between 8am-10am with 2 forms of ID and social security card.
    • Manpower
    Contact Information: Call 585-227-6008 or

    for online applications and walk-ins accepted.

    • McCall Staffing Associates Ltd.
    Contact Information: 585-231-1510

    • Mindex Technologies Inc
    Contact Information: 585-424-3590 or

    • Nesco
    Contact Information: Call 585-272-0540 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    • Office Team
    Contact Information: 585-232-6171 or

    • Premier Staffing
    Contact Information: Call 585-244-0540 or

    for clerical work and light industrial, and for latter apply between 8am- 4:30pm M-F

    • Providium Human Resource Group
    Contact Information: 585-241-9070 or

    • RBA Staffing Solutions
    Contact Information: 585-256-4631 or

    • Quality Recruiting
    Contact Information: 585-777-4060 or

    • Remedy (formerly Ablest)
    Contact Information: Call Lindsay 585-697-3299 or

    or come in between 9am-3pm M-F

    • Robert Half
    Contact Information:585-232-6055 or

    • Spartan Staffing
    Contact Information: 585-328-6447 for Laurie Bennett or Linda Lomaglio

    specializing in manufacturing positions.

    • Spherion
    Contact Information: 585-454-3200 or

    • Weterrings & Agnew, Inc
    Contact Information: 585-241-9040 or

    • YOH Staffing
    Contact Information: Call Deb Colon 585-454-5400 8am-5pm or

    , some placement at Harris RF Communications

    • Bean Project, Catholic Family Center
    Contact Information: Call Carol Henning 585-546-2784, employment producing bean soup kits for women in recovery

    • Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)
    Services Available: Bilingual service- English/Spanish is an opportunity for eligible undocumented youth, who were brought to the United States as children, to stay in the country, apply for work authorization, and fully participate as members of the community.

    Contact Information: Call for eligibility, free information and legal help- New York State New Americans Hotline: 1-800-566-7636 or

    • US Citizenship and Immigration Services National Customer Service Center
    Eligibility requirements: For youth who came to US before their 16th birthdate, under 31 years old on June 15, 2012; present in the United States on June 15, 2012; continuously resided in the United States since June 15, 2007; graduated or currently are in school; and have not committed a felony or significant misdemeanor.

    Contact Information: 1-800-375-5283 or 1-800-767-1833 (TDD for the hearing impaired)

    • Mental Health/Veterans Crisis Line
    Services Available: 24/7 for Veterans facing an emotional crisis. Veterans or someone else concerned about a veteran can call.

    Contact Information: 1-800-273-8255 press 1 or can have a confidential online conversation with a professional, the National Veterans Crisis Line WebChat Site

    • The US Department of Veteran's Affairs (VA) Homeless Initiative
    Services Available: Free resources and materials can be ordered.

    Contact Information:  http://www.Va.Gov/homeless/materials_center.Asp

    • Veterans Outreach Center, Inc.
    Services Available: An independent community-centered non-profit providing premier one-stop supportive services to veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces and their families for services like seeing accredited veteran benefit counselors, housing, legal help, individual and family counseling. Veterans are able to request and to receive a copy of DD214 free of charge.

    Contact Information: Call 585-546-1081 or

    • Monroe County Veteran Service Agency
    Services Available: Services Available: Helping Veterans receive all benefits they deserve free of charge .i.e. DD214s, disability and education, submitting claims to Veteran's Affairs, and Legal Pro Bono Resource Center.

    Contact Information: Call 585 753-6040 or

    • The US Department of Veteran's Affairs Rochester VA Outpatient Clinics
    Services Available: Medical services like primary care, dental, and specialties for Rochester area Veterans, (main office) Canandaigua VAMC 585-394-2000 VetJobs Job listings for veterans.

    Contact Information: 465 Westfall Road, call 585-463-2600 or

    • VetCentral
    Services Available: Job listings for veterans, career research, and relocation services.

    Contact Information:

    • Rochester Vietnamese Community
    Services Available: Local Activities

    Contact Information: For general information, please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit

    • Threshold Center for Alternative Youth Services, Inc.
    • Services Available: For youth 12-25 years old, healthcare and substance abuse services, sliding fee schedule, no one turned away, walk ins welcome, take RTS bus #2, extended hours Tuesday and Thursday.

    Contact Information: 454-7530 or

    • Action for a Better Community (ABC)
    Services Available: Head Start and Early Head Start, and Youth Services

    Contact Information: 585-442-4160 or

    • Anthony L Jordan Health
    Services Available: Provides adolescent medical and dental health, Bilingual service- English/Spanish

    Contact Information:

    • Baden Street Settlement of Rochester
    Services Available: Universal Pre-K, afterschool learning and enrichment.

    Contact Information: 585-325-4910 or

    • Women Helping Girls (WHG)
    Services Available: One-on-one mentoring for 6th-12th grades girls with women mentors to empower them i.e. attending college. It is done at Wilson but is open to other girls.

    Contact Information:

    • Sisters Together Achieving Results (STAR)
    Services Available: Mentoring program for girls in the Rochester Educational System and they are welcomed and accepted however they come in and the mentors focus on making the girls shine like stars with the idea of educating them on life skills to enrich the quality of their lives.

    Contact Information:

    • Compeer
    Contact Information:

    • Big Brothers Big Sisters
    Contact Information:

    • Boys and Girls Club of Greater Rochester
    Contact Information:

    • Successful Pathways
    Contact Information:

    • Generation Two (G2)
    Contact Information:

    • Rochester Mentors
    Contact Information:

    Some of the fraternities and sororities have youth programs as well. Delta Sigma Theta has the Delta Academy/Gems and Zeta Phi Beta has something for young girls. There is also AVID which is almost like Prism. They have it at SOTA and East HS.

    • Saint's Place

    Services Available: Volunteers provide tutoring for youth with English and with any other school subject.

    Contact Information: Please contact Colleen Knauf at 585-385-6860 or

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